La Paloma Lanta
Beach Front  - Studios /  - Bungalows
Koh Lanta Yai, Krabi, Thailand


Prices per room per day in THB

                        Low - * / High -/ Peak Season
1.05.-30.10. / 1.11.-30.04. / 15.12.-15.01.

Studio A           2,500 / 4,300 / 5,500
Studio B            2,500 / 4,300 / 5,500

Beach Bungalow  2,500 / 4,350 / 5,700

Room D 4           1,500 / 2,000 / 3,000

Extrabed              500 /    500 /   500

Baby-bed             500 /    500 /   500
(Sorry, we love children, but due to noise complaints, we only accept Babys until 5 years old if you rent BOTH Studios A & B together,
or if you rent only the Beach Bungalow (only in high- & peak season))

Prices per room per month in THB

                                       (electricity bill not included)

                          Low- */ High-/Peak Season
1.05. - 30.10. /1.11. - 30.04. /15.12. - 15.01.

Studio A              40,000 / 105,000 / 140,000
Studio B              40,000 / 105,000 / 140,000

Beach Bungalow    40,000 / 110,000 / 150,000

Room D 4             20,000 / 45,000 /  60,000

*) Please note that during the low season the wind changes and blows from the west. To keep the salty- and rainy wind out of the studios/bungalows the plastic protection in front of the veranda is lowered.


We keep reservations only for a short time, until the booking fee has arrived.


For a booking, we ask for a 50% or more prepayment. Non-refundable.

Rest payable at arrival (together with a key deposit)
no refund for cancellations 90 days before arrival.
If no restpayment is done before or at arrival, we have the right to refuse the booking and keep the prepayment as this would be considered breach of contract. (Sorry, had some bad experiences...)


Cash and Bitcoin net.

Banktransfers are to be effected net of fees for us. Ask us for the bank details.

Paypal or Creditcard payment available, add 5% commission for them.
We need your e-mail to forward a paypal bill to you.

House policies:

We try to make the best for you to have an enjoyable and happy home-stay with us.
But unless you rent all studios and rooms, you will have neighbors and us as landlords. To live in harmony, peace and love, please check out our house policies:

- Please respect your neighbors.
- Please pay in advance
- The Key deposit can be used against damaged/missing items
- Check out at 11.00 a.m.
- Check in   at 13.00 p.m.
- No animal feedings on the premises allowed (they will mark your bags and our
   chairs as their territory...)
- The kitchens in the studios have to be cleaned after use by the guests
   asap. to prevent insects & animals entering the premises eating any leftovers
- Due to noise complaints, we only accept Babys until 4 years old
   if you rent BOTH Studios A & B together,
   or if you rent only the Beach Bungalow
- The plastic protection is lowered during low season due to salty winds
- If for any reason you are unhappy, please talk to us first before you
  complain online
- We reserve the right to decline unhappy and/or unruly customers
   by paying back their prepaid rental fees.
- By paying the booking/rental fees, you agree to the house policies.

Thank you for your understanding.
Looking forward to having some wonderful time together :-)